Guide to Purchasing a Network Card

Purchasing network cards can be a frustrating and daunting task. A network interface determines the compatibility of a network card. Below are some of the things to look for when purchasing accessories for a network or network card.

Connection Speed

Speed is a critical consideration when buying a network card. Most cards and networks range between 10 and 100 base, with 100 bases being the fastest network card. While it’s often more expensive, it is recommendable to buy network cards with a base of 100 as users can use these cards to switch down to 10 bases.

Network Hubs

Network hub refers to stand alone hardware device that one can use to connect to either a small or large network of computers. It is only necessary for users who intend to set up a system of more than two processors. You could also be planning to use a network card or computer to play network cards. In such a case, a network hub becomes necessary if you intend to use a single computer to host a network party. It’s crucial to check whether a network hub has sufficient ports to support your needs or not. You also need to verify the network hub can sense automatically.

Card Interface

The interface that users connect their cards to is also a critical consideration. The recommended network card for a desktop is faster compared to ISA. Nonetheless, these cards are often more expensive compared to ISA. While solutions with ISA cards and ten base network cards may seem cheaper, they are slower than PCI solutions. Connection speed is a crucial consideration when looking for a PCMCIA card for a laptop. You also need to consider whether you need any additional cables to connect a computer to the network or not. Extra wires often get damaged or lost. However, one can avoid these by purchasing cables that come with the actual card connection.

Network Cable

Vendors often don’t include a network cable when selling a network card, unless someone is buying a network kit. Therefore, it’s vital to ask if a network cable will be required in the future. You need to ensure you have the right cable to maintain high internet connectivity. Coax cables are the most sought-after network cables in today’s digital era. Users of more than two computers might consider using a crossover cable that isn’t similar to the standard network cable. That allows a network of computers to connect to each other without the use of a network hub.

Connection Types

You need to consider the available connections that are compatible with your card before purchasing a network card. However, the connection type isn’t as important as it once was because most networks are using adaptors such as RJ-45. Users who want to utilize interfaces such as Ethernet or Coax should verify that the card they intend to buy can connect to their network. Nonetheless, it is crucial to purchase a network card from a reputable vendor. Of course, everyone wants a vendor who is willing to help whenever an issue arises during the installation of a network.