Factors to Consider For Enjoying HD TV Performance And Longevity

Buying an HDTV after doing ground work research and comparing on CompareRaja is a thrilling process. It is a huge investment, which needs to be taken care of thoroughly, so it offers best performance and prolong entertainment services.

To enjoy your HDTVs picture quality and longevity you will need to consider the following aspects.

Screen cleaning

Most important aspect, which needs to be performed daily. CRTs attract flimsy particles from the air, which coats on the screen uniformly making it invisible to identify the build-up. Clean it regularly every week with micro-fibre cloth and wipe the screen. If stains are stubborn then spray solution of water and white vinegar on the cloth and not the screen. Make sure to apply gentle pressure because anti-glare coatings are delicate. They may get scratched easily. You can even use special cleaning kit including anti-static cleaner and the soft lint-free cloth. Anti-static cleaner can slow the dirt build-up.

Adjust display set up

Adjust display controls regularly for brightness and contrast as room lighting changes. Adjustments need to be minor as a home is not lit as brightly as the dealer’s showroom. Adjusting it to high brightness level can reduce lifespan of the TV as it needs to work hard.

When you install the new VU HDTV use DisplayMate Set up Program. After a few days, you will get familiar with the monitor requirements and so can use Tune-up program. The set-up program needs to be checked and adjusted regularly every week. Every month run Video Obstacle Course to check and adjust for unavoidable aging and drifting. Whenever, you adjust video board setting to synch with computer setting then use Tune up program.

Use voltage regulator

LED LCD TV is sharing power with other home appliances. Whenever, you turn on the air conditioner temporary power dips get experienced by other operating electronics. It even influences HDTV processes. This is the main reason many HD LED TVs fail prematurely. It does not occur due to the advanced HD technology but is due to power-cap damages during power fluctuations. Voltage protector installation with battery backup helps to supply extra power during electricity dips. It protects hazards like electricity spikes due to lighting. It does not matter what kind of electronic devices are used in the house, your TV is keep functioning efficiently.

Life expectancy enhancement tips

  • Maintain good ventilation to reduce TVs internal heat.
  • All slots and ventilation holes need to be clear and free.
  • If you see dirt building on openings then clean them.
  • In case of spills clean it instantly because humidity is also an issue. HDTV cannot be subjected to 80% humidity and more.
  • Surge and spike protectors are helpful but in case of thunderstorm or you are to be away from home for some time unplug the HDTV from the plug.
  • For increasing the longevity of image quality and its life expectancy then avoid switching it on and off repeatedly.
  • Every time switch turns on or off power instabilities and surges can stress some of the components making them age prematurely.
  • Turn TV off, when not in use ensures longevity and reduced utility bills.